Current Job Openings at Coyote

We are expecting brightest minds from various industries and backgrounds all over the world. If you possess expertise in areas such as Molecular Biology, Synthetic BiologyMechanical Electronics or related fields,and if you are up for a journey with an exceptional team pursuing exciting technology and science, please join us. We have job opening bellow, based in Beijing, Hong Kong , and the United States.

Management Trainee
Molecular Reagents R&D Manager
Synthetic Biology R&D Scientist
Oligo Synthetic Engineer
Product Manager
Process Engineer
Senior Software Development Engineer
Global Technical Sales

We also have Postdoctoral Positions in collaboration with Peking University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, and more. 

Welcome to join us :  hrcommunication@coyotebio.com

Life at Coyote

Team Building

We deeply understand that the strength of a team comes from the trust and support of each member. Through team-building activities, we aim to stimulate the potential of the members of the Coyote team, tap into the wisdom of the team, enhance mutual understanding and trust, and boost team cohesion, so that our team can become stronger and more resilient in the face of challenges.

2023 Annual Meeting

At the annual meeting of 2023, the Coyote team gathered together to join in the celebration. The guests came to the scene to witness the glorious moment. Looking back at the past, we have been through the storm together, and looking forward to the future, we will continue to move forward hand in hand to create a better tomorrow.

2023 Global Training

Gathering Wisdom to Embark on a Distant Journey, and Empowering the Future!From August 20th to August 29th, 2023 Coyote Global Training Program was successfully held!

A Letter to All Coyote Family Members

Contact with Coyote founder via e-mail: sabrina@coyotebio.com

Hi Coyote

Welcome Home! 

From August 20-29th, we will hold our 1st Global Training Program in Coyote History and on August 31st, we will hold our 2023 All Member Annual Meeting to celebrate our 14th Anniversary and to start a new journey (Long March): One Team, Better Me, Better Life. 

For the past 40 years, Revolution of Personal Computers, iPod, iPhone, iPad and many other great products from IT industry changed our life dramatically. 

For the past 14 years, Coyote team is the pioneer to decentralize Molecular Diagnostics all over the world. Especially during the past 3 years of COVID-19 pandemic, Our 30 mins sample-to-answer Product has over 3000 installations in hospitals and airports globally and saved many lives.  After the pandemic, Coyote team is trying to make a new history.  We believe, Coyote team, as the crazy ones, will make a better life for human beings, by popularizing the most advanced Biotechnology into great products. 

2023 will be our Year 0.  And the Global training will press the start button. We will pour our heart into the Global training courses. Inspired from Steve Job's back-to-apple Advertisement "Think Different" in 1997, we will train the team the skill of simplicity and bond the team with love. Everyone will find themselves a Better Me, fully charged with confidence. Eventually we will make the history: create an iPhone-like revolutionary product for everyone in Biotechnology world. 

Let's make a wish! 

Sabrina Li 

CEO and Founder of Coyote Bio