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Statements From Employees

Li Zhanpeng

Success at Coyote

Grow from R&D reagents engineer, to the manager of the technical department, and to the regional sales head

I started as a scientific researcher. Through Coyote’s high-quality training and promotion system, I am now a senior salesperson in the molecular diagnostics POCT field. We are all born ordinary, but at Coyote you can be different: Coyote’s company culture based on honoring contracts, accepting responsibility, and exceeding customer expectations has improved my system of professional values, sense of responsibility and mission, faith when facing difficulties, competitive spirit, and teamwork skills. I believe that everyone who joins Coyote can shine like a star. Everyone here helps each other, unites as one, and moves towards success with the company!

Dong Shibiao

Growing at Coyote

Completed an internship at Coyote, and came back to the company after graduating from university

My job at Coyote is my first official post after graduating. I’m lucky to be part of Coyote, fighting for the future, and mutually growing and advancing with the company. At the start of this year, I was tasked with helping fight against the outbreak in Wuhan. With the support and encouragement of the company and my colleagues, I gradually began to understand the meaning of responsibility. I did my own bit in fighting against the virus. I believe that, led by Coyote's company spirit, I will constantly improve and outdo myself, realizing my specialized, professional, and personal value!

Zhang Longfei

Gaining at Coyote

Joined Coyote in May 2018, hugely improved R&D and creative skills

As an entrepreneurial firm, Coyote provides every employee with a stage big enough to showcase their talents! After the outbreak in 2020, I was fortunate enough to help with COVID-19 screening in Qitai county as part of Coyote’s COVID-19 team. Thanks to the leadership of Coyote, the outstanding technical skills of my colleagues, rapid reaction mechanisms, and highly detailed superior execution, our work throughout the pandemic was unanimously praised, and I strongly experienced the close connection between company development and personal value. At Coyote, the excellent employee incentive system recognizes the efforts of every staff member. So, come and join us!