FlashDetect™ Flash48

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Product Information

FlashDetect™ Flash48

Tailor-made for workers in small and medium-sized laboratories, mobile laboratories, and on-site testing stations. Provide high throughput and fast on-site testing capabilities. Complete the testing of 48 samples in 48 minutes. Deliver more convenient, accurate and efficient tests with excellent performance and portability.


  • Convenient: Only 2 steps are required for sample pretreatment, and the treatment and preparation of 48 samples can be completed in 5 minutes

  • Efficient: 48 samples tested in 48 minutes only

  • Portable: Tailor-made for workers in small and medium-sized laboratories, mobile laboratories, and on-site testing stations

  • Accurate: The sensitivity and specificity of clinical trial validation are both ≥ 97%

  • Applications: Rapid testing of imported items, public health emergency on-site testing, clinical and emergency point-of-care testing (POCT) in grade-A tertiary hospitals, fever clinics in general hospitals above level II, etc.

FlashDetect™ Flash48

  • Technical Specification
  • Temperature Control System

Sample Throughput 

Steps for Sample Pre-PCR Treatment



Detection Time


48 mins (SARS-CoV-2)

0.2 ml transparent 48 well Non-skirted 

plates, or 8-strip PCR tubes, single tubes, 


Time for Sample Preparation


5-10 mins (for 48 samples)

260*400*260mm (W*L*H)



4 fluorescence channels (FAM/VIC/ROX/Cy5)

11 Kg

Temperature Control Technology

Temperature Gradient

Heating and cooling technology with 

semiconductor chilling plates


Temperature Range

Gradient Range

0℃ ~ 100℃

35℃ ~ 100℃

Maximum Heating Rate

Gradient Span


1℃ ~ 40℃

Maximum Cooling Rate

Temperature Control Program


It supports standard PCR, gradient PCR, land-ing PCR and long-fragment PCR

  • Fast and Simple

    Innovative user-friendly design significantly reduces the operating process, allowing on-site testing in decentralized settings.

  • Scalable Capacity

    Testing anywhere, anytime, suitable for both high-throughput and indivi-dual tests to improve operational efficiency.

  • Wide Range of Applications

    Provides testing solutions for medical centers, hospitals, clinics, events, transportation hubs, veterinary and food safety.