Transformative Innovations

Coyote is led by founding partners with specialized industrial expertise and has established a high-level interdisciplinary R&D team. Possessing breakthrough core technologies with independent intellectual property rights, and constantly pursuing technological innovations to improve the intellectual property portfolio.
Advanced Technology

Our mission is to make breakthroughs in life-changing technology and cross-disciplinary research, empower molecular diagnostics with higher accuracy, faster speed, easier operation, and affordable price. We are committed to benefiting people's life quality everyday.

POCT Molecular Diagnostic Platform

POCT (point-of-care-testing) has the advantages of fast, easy-to-use, unrestricted usage in decentralized settings, and low reliance on healthcare professionals. Molecular diagnostic products with flexibile capacity are the direction of future development and can be adopted in a wide range of applications.

Synthetic Biology

Synthetic biology combines the molecular biology, systems biology and principles of engineering to make improvement on biological functions, surpass reaction time limit, and tackle current and future challenges.

Next-Generation Sequencing

The NGS technology has powerful advantages of high-speed, high-throughput, low-cost and high-efficiency. The research and development of NGS technology and the establishment of a new generation platform have had a significant impact on genome research, human health and social cognition.

Fully Automatic Integrated Platform

Using AI and machine learning algorithms to build a stable, reliable, safe and efficient standardized and transparent all-round intelligent system to achieve intelligent interpretation, precausious warning, remote self-calibration and control of molecular detection systems, and one-step automation.

Future Explorations

Coyote is establishing an innovative technology-based R&D matrix,
creating a future-oriented technology engine that allows innovative molecular diagnostic technology to benefit everyone, and achieves wide-ranging applications in multiple industries such as medical care, disease control, food safety, customs and border protection, and scientific research.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence empowers us to fulfill our mission in novel and powerful ways. We continue to delve into and improve artificial intelligence technology capabilities, improve the speed and accuracy of molecular detection, and implement them in our products and services, which will benefit the quality of people’s life.


Robotics will affect and change society tremendously in the future. With the stability and high precision of robots, we thrive to explore a new generation of fully automatic rapid detection robots, upgrade infection prevention and control capabilities, and create a win-win future.