FlashDetect™ Mini8 Plus

Coyote specializes in point-of-care (POC) molecular diagnostics and automatic all-in-one molecular diagnostics systems,bringing easy-to-use, portable, and helpful PCR solutions to our customers at the point where they are most needed.
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Product Information

FlashDetect™ Mini8 Plus

The Mini8 Plus is a compact, portable and calibration-free real-time qPCR system, enabling on-site molecular detection. In addition, the machine was registered as a Class III medical device, selected into the official recommended list of the World Health Organization (WHO), and recognized by Nature and other authorities.


  • Compact and portable, only 2.1 Kg, with a footprint similar to an iPad

  • Enabling program setting in 30 seconds, and intuitive software platform with minimum training required

  • No calibration needed after moving, and longer LED lifetime

  • Open system, universal consumable, fully portable with 12V DC power supply

FlashDetect™ Mini8 Plus

  • Technical Specification

Sample Throughput              

Limit of Detection            


500 copies/mL  (SARS-CoV-2)

Detection Channels         

Ramping Rate(Max.)  

"SYBR/FAM + ROX/Texas Red" 


3 ℃/s

Temperature Range


4 -100 ℃

205×190×98 mm(L×W×H)

Software Operation System

Net Weight            

WIN7 / WIN8.1 / WIN10

2.1 kg

Power Supply   

12V DC, 10A


·Set the molecular detection laboratory in one box.

·The MD-Lab portable molecular detection platform is matched with the nucleic acid extraction-free detection kits.

·Shorten time of analysis, increase testing efficiency.

·MD-Lab includes  Mini8 Plus, PC laptop, Pipettes, Dry Bath, Mini Centrifuge

  • Fast and Simple

    Innovative user-friendly design significantly reduces the operating process, allowing on-site testing in decentralized settings.

  • Scalable Capacity

    Testing anywhere, anytime, suitable for both high-throughput and indivi-dual tests to improve operational efficiency.

  • Wide Range of Applications

    Provides testing solutions for medical centers, hospitals, clinics, events, transportation hubs, veterinary and food safety.