FlashDetect™ Flash20

Coyote specializes in point-of-care (POC) molecular diagnostics and automatic all-in-one molecular diagnostics systems,bringing easy-to-use, portable, and helpful PCR solutions to our customers at the point where they are most needed.
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Product Information

FlashDetect™ Flash20

Flash20 adopts independent modules that can run different assays simultaneously or individually. Pairing with our proprietary “Parallel Molecular Reaction” technology, it can achieve “1 min sample prep, 30 mins sample-to-result” molecular diagnosis, without sacrificing the sensitivity and specificity assay performance.


  • Fast: Sample preparation in 1 min and sample-to-result in 30 mins

  • Flexible: 4 independent reaction modules for point-of-care sample testing

  • Efficient: Patented molecular in-parallel reaction technology, saving the efforts of laboratory personnel

  • Safe: Fully enclosed reaction process, low biosafety risk, without dependence on high-level laboratories

  • Portable: Compact body, flexibly responding to on-site testing needs

FlashDetect™ Flash20

  • Technical Specification
  • Software Interface
Detection timeLimit of Detection
30 mins 

500 copies/mL

 (SARS-CoV-2, Flu A&B, RSV&MP)

Sample Throughput Fluorescence channel

CY5 (635nm), HEX/VIC (525nm), FAM/SYBR  

Green (470nm), ROX/TEXAS RED (580nm)

Detection modeApplications
Independent controlling module 

& Real-time Detection

Hospital POCT, emergency and fever clinic,

primary health institutions, on-site detection, 

customs and airport port


300 × 300 × 200 (mm)

4.7 kg


·Set the molecular detection laboratory in one box.

·The MD-Lab portable molecular detection platform is matched with the nucleic acid extraction-free detection kits.

·Shorten time of analysis, increase testing efficiency.

·MD-Lab includes  Mini8 Plus, PC laptop, Pipettes, Dry Bath, Mini Centrifuge

FlashDetect Matrix System

The product is equipped with flexible unit combinations to achieve fast testing with an increased throughput, so the testing efficiency is greatly improved. It is more suitable for application scenarios with prominent emergency needs, such as large grade-A tertiary hospitals, flash-test mobile clinics, and PCR laboratories.

ü  Flexible: Point-of-care testing of 16 to 64 samples, sample random access

ü  Fast: Result output upon sample input. Sample preparation in 1 min and sample-to-result in 30 mins

ü  Accurate: Accurate results with good repeatability

ü  Easy to operate: Simple operations, less procedures, highly standardized, and barely dependent on professional techniques

  • Fast and Simple

    Innovative user-friendly design significantly reduces the operating process, allowing on-site testing in decentralized settings.

  • Scalable Capacity

    Testing anywhere, anytime, suitable for both high-throughput and indivi-dual tests to improve operational efficiency.

  • Wide Range of Applications

    Provides testing solutions for medical centers, hospitals, clinics, events, transportation hubs, veterinary and food safety.