About Us

Mission and Vision

Coyote Bioscience is an innovator dedicated to developing point-of-care testing (POCT) solutions and fully automated, integrated rapid molecular diagnostic systems. We fulfill our social responsibility by protecting public health with leading-edge technologies, including our proprietary parallel molecular reaction solution. Driven by the vision “Molecular Diagnostics for Everyone”, Coyote is creating fast, accurate, simple, and portable molecular diagnostic technology.

About Coyote

The word “coyote” comes from Mexican Spanish.

Coyotes are the guardian gods of the Aztecs. They guard the Aztecs and save the injured.

They have followed humans but have never been domesticated.


a guardian god with the heart of a healer in Aztec legends, saves the injured and safeguard people. Coyotes have migrated with humans but have never been domesticated. They are independent and creative. We named the company COYOTE because we hope to be brave to explore the vast world and safeguard everyone's well-being like the coyotes with our innovative molecular diagnostic technology.

Leader of POCT Molecular Diagnostics

Industry leaders from famous universities including Peking University, Tsinghua University, Beijing Institute of Technology, Harvard University, University of California, and Pennsylvania State University are brought together here. Through cooperation with academics and experts, we boast strong abilities to combine instruments, reagents, system platforms with artificial intelligence and big data. We have intellectual proprietaries and technologies in optical electromechanical thermal integration equipment, molecular diagnostic platforms, biochips and biosensors.


Holding the spirit of technological innovation, Coyote focuses on the instrument platform for point-of-care testing (POCT) molecular diagnosis and fully-automated all-in-one molecular diagnosis, and possesses the international patent technology of "Molecular In-Parallel Reaction". The company shows a powerful sense of mission with actions, and safeguards public health with technologies. "Molecular diagnostics for everyone" is the motive force for Coyote to tap into technological innovation, and also the historical mission for the company to fight for the whole human being's wellness.


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Total COVID-19 Tests Completed

Pioneer in the Fight Against Major Infectious Diseases

Coyote has continuously achieved breakthroughs in rapid PCR tests and has been providing technical solutions for epidemics around the globe. By combating against the 2014 Ebola outbreak in Africa and the 2016 Zika epidemic, and undertaking China's key infectious disease project and being validated by the Chinese National Influenza Center in 2018, Coyote has developed a comprehensive solution for major infectious diseases and obtained practical experience over time. Coyote has been recognized by professional institutions and authorities.

When the world is under the shadow of COVID-19 in 2020, Coyote launched the proprietary FlashDetect™ products for COVID-19 testing with the support of state council special task force, and it is internationally patented. Featuring testing at anytime and anywhere with results available in a short time, The FlashDetect™ products can perform efficient testing in target areas, symbolizing that China has taken the lead in PCR testing worldwide.

Molecular Diagnostics Pioneer

From its headquarters and R&D center in Beijing, Coyote has been growing steadily and has found a GMP in Jiangsu, a R&D center in the United States, and the Coyote medical testing laboratory over the years, forming a complete chain consisting of R&D, production, sales and testing services.

Development History


  • Coyote Bioscience Co., Ltd. was founded
  • The temperature control series was launched and occupied above 50% of the scientific research market


  • Theater, an ultra-thin portable PCR analyzer, was developed


  • Mini8, a portable real-time qPCR analyzer, was developed
  • Molecular testing reagents were made available and accessible, with PCT patent applied for
  • Coyote was awarded "National Innovative High-Tech Enterprise"
  • Coyote was awarded "Top Entrepreneurship for Overseas Chinese Students with Potential Growth"


  • Coyote was granted RMB 30 million in Series A financing by SAIF Asia
  • Coyote established a reagent and instrument production base in Yixing
  • Coyote was selected as the "2014 Haifan Enterprise"
  • Coyote became a Thermo Scientific ODM manufacturer


  • As the first molecular diagnostic device in China, Mini8 was recruited by WHO for Ebola virus detection
  • Coyote was approved to establish a work base for academicians and experts
  • Coyote was awarded the National Torch Program Industrialization Demonstration Project Certificate
  • The R&D center, Coyote Bioscience USA, was established
  • Series B investment totaling RMB 80 million was completed
  • Coyote was listed as "Beijing International Science and Technology Cooperation Base for Molecular Diagnosis and Precision Medicine"


  • Mini8 obtained the National Class III Medical Device License
  • Zika virus detection reagents were developed and released to over 2/3 of China's import and export ports
  • Coyote's Medical Laboratory was officially put into operation
  • In the "Hanhong Love —•Hundred People Aid Gansu" charity activity, Coyote provided free genetic disease screening for children in remote areas


  • The rapid on-site nucleic acid testing technology was approved through the green channel
  • The Zika virus reagent became the first certified reagent based on molecular in-parallel reaction technology


  • Coyote became the only organization to undertake the rapid HIV nucleic acid testing in China
  • The rapid influenza nucleic acid testing technology was applied to the H7N9 emergency project of China's National Influenza Center
  • Mini8 won the bid for "Vehicle On-Board Equipment for Rapid Food Safety Testing" in many provinces and cities


  • A smart medical cloud platform was created for accurate diagnosis
  • Mini8 was employed to ensure food safety throughout the 7th World Military Games
  • Based on Coyote's Zika virus detection system, a molecular program was included in the national customs skill competition for the first time


  • Coyote developed Flash20, a COVID-19 nucleic acid detection system
  • Flash20 obtained the first domestic registration certificate promoted by China's Ministry of Science and Technology
  • Flash20 was widely adopted by over 1000 hospitals in China
  • Flash testing mobile cabin PCR laboratories strongly supported the emergency screening for disease prevention and control in 18 provinces and cities across the country
  • Coyote was awarded "Advanced Collective" for combating the COVID-19 pandemic by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
  • Series D financing was officially completed
  • More than 20 sets of novel coronavirus testing devices were donated by Coyote to 22 hospitals in Beijing
  • As the special fund for novel coronavirus testing, RMB two million was donated by Coyote to the International Scientific Exchange Foundation of China


  • The flash testing mobile cabin completed the tests for more than 20 million people in the COVID-19 screening in Hebei, Liaoning, Anhui, Guangdong, and other areas
  • More than 20 sets of flash testing mobile cabins stood fast in major hospitals, transportation hubs, and major events such as the Winter Olympics
  • By working with Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Coyote efficiently detected novel coronavirus variants such as the Delta strain