Instrument Platforms

Coyote specializes in point-of-care (POC) molecular diagnostics and automatic all-in-one molecular diagnostics systems,bringing easy-to-use, portable, and helpful PCR solutions to our customers at the point where they are most needed.
Product List

FlashDetect™ Flash20

Flash20 adopts independent modules that can run different assays simultaneously or individually. Pairing with our proprietary “Parallel Molecular Reaction” technology, it can achieve “1 min sample prep, 30 mins sample-to-result” molecular diagnosis, without sacrificing the sensitivity and specificity assay performance.


FlashDetect™ Mini8 Plus

The Mini8 Plus is a compact, portable and calibration-free real-time qPCR system, enabling on-site molecular detection. In addition, the machine was registered as a Class III medical device, selected into the official recommended list of the World Health Organization (WHO), and recognized by Nature and other authorities.


FlashDetect™ Flash48

Complete the testing of 48 samples in 48 minutes, addressing the overall testing procedure from "samples to results" in 1 hour. Accurately meet the needs of large-scale screening and testing. Solve the pain points in the context of screening and testing, such as short schedule, heavy workload, testing personnel shortage, and long-term rigorous operations of testing personnel.