Veterinary Tests

Coyote Veterinary Nucleic Acid Detection Kits are applicable to Mini8 Plus Real-time PCR System. The reagents cover respiratory tract infection, digestive tract disease, reproductive tract disease, blood disease, parasitic infection, skin disease, pet comorbidity and other detection items.
Product Information

FlashDetect™ Feline Calicivirus Detection Kit

Enable rapid COVID-19 screening by sample preparation within 1 minute, make high-throughput tests available on demand, and provide fast, simple, precise, and high-throughput nucleic acid detection solutions for COVID-19 prevention and control.


  • Technical Specification
  • Workflow

Detection Mode

PCR-Fluorescence Probe

Sample Type 

Nasopharyngeal Swab or Oropharyngeal Swab

Sample Prep. Time

1 min

Detection Time

30 mins (Flash20), 48-90 mins (Others)


≥ 95%


≥ 95%


500 copies/mL

Gene Targets

ORF1ab, N, RNase P

Storage Temperature





Ordering Information

Cat. No

Pack Size

Compatible System

6018002202/ 06/ 08 -EN

24/ 48/ 96 tests/kit  

Coyote® Flash20

6018000902/ 06/ 08 -CE

24/ 48/ 96 tests/kit

Coyote® Mini8 Plus, ABI7500, 

or Bio-Rad CFX96

6018001902/ 06/ 08 -EN

24/ 48/ 96 tests/kit

Coyote® Flash48, ABI7500,

or Bio-Rad CFX96

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