All-in-One Cartridge

Ready to use lyophilized reagent integrates sample prep and qPCR.
Product Information

FlashDetect™ LyocartD NG&UU Assay

Simultaneous detection of two STI pathogens in one cartridge:

Neisria gonorrhoeae (NG), Ureaplasma urealyticum (UU), RNase P (Internal Control)


  • Multiplex test in one reaction

  • 20~30 mins sample to result

  • LoD 500 copies/mL

  • Including internal control

  • Ready-to-use lyophilized reagents

  • Contamination-free

  • Room temperature storage and transportation

  • Technical Specification
  • Workflow
Gene TargetsNeisseria gonorrhoeae (NG), Ureaplasma urealyticum_(UU),
RNase P (Internal Control)
Fluorescence ChannelROXHEXCY5
NGUURNase P gene
LoD500 copies/mL
Detection TimeFlash10Flash20
20 mins30 mins
Sample TypeVaginal/Endocervical swab, Urethral swab
Compatible InstrumentFlashDetect™ Flash10, Flash20
Storage Temperature2-28℃